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Thanks for choosing Connex! We look forward to providing you with our exceptional quality cloud phone service. Below are the general steps that typically happen during the onboarding process. 

1. Signup

Fill out our Sign Up Form to get the process started. Shortly after you sign up, we will email you the quote with the service, and equipment pricing information. Once you sign and send the quote back to us, we can start provisioning your new service.

2. Service Provisioning

To help us provision your new service faster, please fill out this Provision Form. As soon as we receive this information, we will start setting up your cloud account and configure your new phones according to the information you submitted in the provision form. The sooner you take care of this step, the faster we can deliver your new service!

3. Installation

As soon as your new account is set up, we will either ship your new phones to you, or bring and install them for you, depending on which option you chose in the quote. Most of the time we are able to complete the installation with NO down time by making sure both services are working side by side before switching. Once your new phones are installed and ready, we will route the calls to them while working on transferring your numbers into the cloud behind the scenes. Bottom line, you should be using your new phones on the installation day!